REQUEST: Add 'restart Network Rendering Master service' to client apps

Started by Aeonjoey, September 03, 2020, 11:56:09 PM

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Hi there, we have a 64 core network rendering farm, and managing it is always a pain because the servers are of course at a central location, while everyone is working from home - we have to bug our I.T. dept to VNC into the master to restart it whenever we have a problem. lately we've been using our network rendering system non-stop, and it's runnign well but now and then a job gets stuck, we have to put in a ticket, and by the time they get it restarted, we've lost 1-2 days worth of rendering productivity.

Please add the ability to restart the network rendering core service on the master - remotely, as you can locally in the network rendering configurator. it can be only available to admins as log-pulling and deleting is now.

Please pretty please!