Network Rendering - what file type are the tiles?

Started by Nicklas Holmgren, September 13, 2020, 11:50:08 PM

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Nicklas Holmgren


Trying to quickly use the progress made for a huge image rendered with Keyshot Network Rendering (9.3).

The jobs are divided into tiles - I can find these tiles kept in a temporary directory on the Manager computer. So like "tile_29_12" - the 12th tile of job 29.

After it finishes rendering I assume these are the files that are assembled into the final image. The image is 70% complete and encompasses everything that I need. The deadline is tight so I figured I could start using these tiles if at all possible. The tiles lack any file extension. Opening a tile file with notepad it looks to have the data format of a tiff image.

I am unable to open it as a tiff/exr or other image files using Photoshop though.

I'm guessing I'm out of luck and the tile-files contain no metadata and endians needed to process it - and that these are added in the "assembling image" step?

Network rendering is much more feature complete nowadays - but where is the option to stop a render and use the progress made? This has existed forever in local rendering mode.