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Started by Conceptskits, July 28, 2020, 04:41:02 PM

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Hi everyone, I wanted to know how you can make the relief of the Nike shield and logo and also that texture of the shirt? Thank you.


hello conceptskits,

this would need to be done with a displacement map!
both: the logos and the fabrics!
while I would definintely seperate the parts, meaning I would have a shirt and the two logos all as seperate objects.
this gives you more possibilties...

take a look at these tutorials:
to give it a start, google it, you might find something shorter (for sure not better!) than the webinar from Esben!



assuming you're doing some work in your own content creation software, I would do it there and not a displacement map.
In nurbs, you just do an offset surface, then trim your shape. In something like polygons, you just project your shape on with something like a shrinkwrap modifier in blender, then use thicken for your offset.

Controlling displacement on custom graphics is a pain in the rear. It's definitely worth just modeling it if it's a simple shape like that.
To get a custom graphic like that smooth, you have to make it a crazy big resolution image, convert to 16bit. Then blur slightly. Then in keyshot use an insanely high number of polygons to get no artifacts at the corners. Oh, you found the edge got a radius too much from the blur? Now go back to photoshop, change the blur number. Save. Go back to keyshot, realize that you used GPU so you can't actually refresh your graphic. I know I know, that'll be fixed in Keyshot 10 right? So restart keyshot or go back to photoshop and save a copy. Replace them image or finish restarting keyshot. Then recalculate and wait. Shoot. You tightened it up, and now got artifacts again.
Anyway, you get the idea. Displacement works well for organic shapes, but doesn't work well for sharp least not in keyshot.


hello Andy,
I am not trying to carry this away here, but I have this problem quite often and have to follow exactly the degrading procedure you´re describing.
I know a bit of Blender but I cannot quite follow what you described with the shrinkwrap modifier and the thickening (I assume solidify modifier).
also Google didn´t help me there...
I tried displacement in Blender in the past, but that comes pretty much to the same result as Keyshot.
Could you please be a bit more precise how you do that or do you have a link to a tutorial ?

thanks a lot upfront !!!


might it be, that I still know you from back-in-the-days bunkspeed forum?


I haven't forgot about this post. I'm still planning on putting an example together and posting something up. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Usually when I post, it's because I have a show-stopper kind of problem I'm trying to resolve, or I'm waiting on my computer calculating something (usually not keyshot GPU mode though, since that causes internet to come to a grinding halt. lol)