animation previews with geometry mode?

Started by andy.engelkemier, September 25, 2020, 10:57:05 AM

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I just want to preview animation alone. Right now, I'm looking at animation in geometry mode by switching to real-time mode and changing the real-time resolution to incredibly tiny. But I'm not Quite sure if I'm getting real-time playback because as it plays the FPS is really just a jumble. I mean, it looks like it could be doing something like 2000fps, which Obviously it's not.

If that's actually real-time, then I could just screen record that and deliver. There's really no reason for me to try and render the preview, which takes about 30 minutes to do, when I could accomplish what I need in only a couple minutes. I just want the client to review the motion. The preview, at 30 minutes ended up looking like a water color painting anyway. It was quite distracting.

It's too bad geometry view isn't a bit better, but that's ok. It's good enough for this. It would be nice to at least use smooth shading....and maybe use the current mesh instead of...whatever it's using.