GPU support in Interiour Mode in upcoming Keyshot 10?

Started by fonzibear, September 28, 2020, 10:58:02 AM

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Hello together

First something about the background:
I have been rendering a lot of interiour scenes lately. Since these scenes practically always take much longer than simple product shots, I thought a powerful graphics setup would be the solution.

I had until now two RTX 2080 Ti with NV Link (together 22GB RAM) and now I bought a RTX 3090.
Since I can use maximally only two slots, I took one RTX 2080 Ti out and replaced it by the RTX 3090.
If I now render with both, I only have 11GB Ram, because without NV Link the smaller memory is always used.
(Unfortunately you can only connect the same graphics cards with NV Link....).
When I render in normal product mode the 3090 is about twice as fast as a RTX 2080 Ti. It's ok, but I would have expected more.

But now to my actual question:
In Keyshot 10, is the Interiour Mode also supported by graphics cards?
Because currently I can only render these scenes via the processor (Threadripper 3970 32 Core), because the GPUs somehow don't support the Interiour Mode.
When I render the same scene in Product Mode with my new graphics card setup, it is still much slower than in Interiour Mode, even with the new RTX 3090 it has a lot of noise.  So it doesn't help me if I have denoising enabled.

In short:
If there is no better support in KS 10 graphics cards, then I would sell the RTX 3090 again.
Or, and I almost dare not say it, I would consider switching to another program, maybe Corona or Vray.
Also for animations I would like to see in KS 10 that in the future it is possible that geometry (fuzz, displacement) is not constantly recalculated for every frame.

Thanks, Chris

Justin A

Interior mode and GPU are compatible with KeyShot 9.3.14.
I ran a test scene to check this.

If you are running in to issues with not being able to enable GPU mode  with interior mode can you please supply a scene and some screenshots of what you are experiencing


Hello Justin

It's not that Interiour mode is not possible with GPU, the results are not very noticeable in small and less complex scenes.
It only becomes really noticeable the bigger and more complex the scene becomes, which is often the case with Interiour scenes (several different light sources, a lot of geometry).
Unfortunately I cannot share a whole picture or scene because the project is for a client. Therefore I only split two parts of the scene.
On the left is GPU, on the right CPU, each after 3 minutes with an image size of 1500x2000 px.
Samples were with GPU 223 and with CPU 46.
But I also know that GPU and CPU samples are not really comparable.


Hi Chris,

Interior Mode is supported on GPU, but does indeed behave differently than on CPU. With GPU, you will get more noisy images. However, Denoise should be able to get rid of most noise and give you a clean and usable image relatively quickly. Are you not getting good results with Denoise when rednering on GPU?

That being said, we have made optimizations in KeyShot 10 that will make rendering with textures on GPU significantly faster. This should improve the rendering speed of interior scenes, which typically have lots of textured geometry, on GPU quite a bit.

As to your other request, then KeyShot 10 will not recalculate geometry shaders (Displacement, Fuzz, Bubbles, Flakes) if they are static for the duration of the animation.



Hello Dries

Thanks for your answer, that's great news!
Yes, I had denoising enabled in gpu mode, but even then my threadripper 3970 was much faster.
So of course I was a bit disappointed, because I especially bought another rtx 3090 and hoped that it would kill everything :)
But then I am curious about KS10!
And that you solved the problem with the recalculation of geometry nodes in animations is also great news.
A big thank you in advance!