Author Topic: what happened to frame padding???  (Read 4068 times)

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what happened to frame padding???
« on: September 30, 2020, 08:05:36 am »
I'm looking through the manual and can't find it listed anywhere.
Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but I could have sworn you could enter something like [name.%3d.ext] to give you something like [name.001.png]

In the name for animation it Does say %d, but i can't find a place to change it And it won't even let me type % anywhere.

Am I missing something? Because having to rename all of my files is a Huge pain in the butt. I ended up spending roughly 2 hours doing that for 2 animations yesterday, when combined with the fact that render layers and clown masks are also dumped in the same folder and it puts those After the number. Is no one over at Luxion actually doing animations that require compositing? Seriously. I would love to see their workflow into after effects.

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Re: what happened to frame padding???
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2020, 01:00:45 pm »
It does not help, sorry.
If you render an animation as png and include clown, diffuse, render layers, etc, they are all png, so sorting by type won't do anything.

Also, renaming with windows causes there Also to be no padding. A padded number would be something like (001) rather than (1), and the reason for that is because numerically when You see these numbers they appear sorted: 1,2,3,10,15 ,20,100. But depending on how things are programmed, this will instead be sorted: 1, 10, 100, 15, 2, 3
Because alphabetically, that is correct. Padding, however solves the issue because the number is the same, regardless of the sorting method, alphabetically, numerically, or a combination.

You can use something like Bulk Rename Utility to fix it, however that takes time. So the preference is to set file padding within the software. And keyshot had this at some point. I was just asking where it went.
You could change the filename using either %ddd or %d%d%d, or something like that to padd the numbers. And you'll notice the name Currently has %d built in, but I can't find the ability to change it. You can't even use a % in the filename. I also tried adding it as a piece of custom text, but no luck.
KS10 also doesn't have the option. So I'm wondering where it went. Maybe I turned something off somehow?