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Started by smalldogstudio, September 11, 2020, 12:20:32 PM

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Hey there

I'm busy with another job where I have 20+ colours options on an object - so I've made a multi-material for that part. I can add the multi-material to the GPU render queue and it dutifully outputs all the right colours - but - the filename appears to be some arbritary previous render file name - plus a number that increases by +1.

so two things bug me;

1. where is the option to change the multi-material render file name? (it doesn't match the single image dialog, material name . . etc)

2. Is it possible to append the material name for each instance of the file e.g. multi-material has the following colours; white, black, red etc - so rendered files should be white.XXXX.png, black.XXXX.png etc (XXXX being the unique number added when rendering)

this would make my life a lot easier with these jobs - otherwise I have to manually cross-reference the multi-material name and manually rename the files.

Could a custom script help? (I'm rubbish at scripting btw, i can't even get applescript to work at the best of times)

I've changed the render filenames to remove a client reference, any help greatly appreciated, thanks, have a great weekend



OK - posting this in case its useful - so I found something out - you have to go to the configurator tab - change the filename and path there !!! - then add the multi-material job in the queue dialog. but still just .N number increments.

still would like to know if I can append the material name???




Dear Keyshot Team and Members!
Why have KS removed the render queue function when you graduate from the educational version to the HD?
It's extremely disappointing and frankly a very poor bit of outdated marketing (give something for free, then charge when it is actually needed), to try and force a purchase of the PRO version which few graduates will be able to afford.
I am part of a young start up studio and PRO prices are just prohibitive and HD doesn't have what the educational version has.
Really disappointed. I understand that animation and any other significant features should be reserved for the PRO, but something that is the backbone of the essential process? Shocking and unproductive.
I hope the team consider releasing this in v10.