What are GPU Materials

Started by Don Cheke, September 08, 2020, 08:18:23 PM

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Don Cheke

If I have created a scene which renders in CPU mode and then I switch to GPU mode it says loading GPU materials and then the scene changes, loosing some materials. Are there GPU materials found elsewhere that a user is supposed to use, or are some materials just not compatible? Any insight into this would be welcome.

KeyShot 9.3
GeForce RTX2060 Drivers: 452.06

screen 0003 is CPU
screen 0002 is GPU

KSP file in dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3stge9cw5muxm97/Truck.ksp?dl=0

Don Cheke

I am thinking that what I am seeing may be an issue with translucent material, or my lack of understanding about where I am seeing at least some issues.

If I use translucent with opacity to try and make the logo seem less solid is obscures completely in GPU mode. If I change it to paint it seems fine.

If I can't use translucent, what can I do to make the logo paint semi-transparent?

My original question still stands about GPU materials. Still wondering if I am missing something.


Hi Don,

You seem to have hit a bug, with GPU not respecting opacity maps for Translucent labels.
I will let you know what we find.



the realcloth material does not work in gpu mode either (maybe it shouldn't?)