Render Queue missing from HD

Started by alex@, October 13, 2020, 10:55:24 AM

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Dear Keyshot Team and Community Members!
Why have KS removed the render queue function when you graduate from the educational version to the HD?
It's extremely disappointing and frankly a very poor bit of outdated marketing (give something for free, then charge when it is needed most).
Presumably this is to try and force a purchase of the PRO version which few recent graduates will be able to afford.
I am part of a young start up studio and PRO prices are just prohibitive and HD doesn't have what the educational version has.
Really disappointed. I understand that animation and any other significant features should be reserved for the PRO, but something that is the backbone of the essential process?
Shocking and unproductive in my opinion.
Is anyone else in the same boat?!
I hope the team consider doing the right thing and releasing this feature in v10 to prevent a 'stuttered' workflow.



Thank you INNEO! We know it is not there, we are asking why it is not there.

Eugen Fetsch

Sorry, but I have to disagree here. Why do you think that such versatile batch render manager is a backbone of a render engine? For me it's clearly a PRO feature.  ::)
Seriously. Where do you start to split?
If you ask me - "Material Graph" is more like a backbone in comparison to a batch render manager. If you ask 10 other user, you'll get 10 different answers.


Thanks Eugen, I agree, it depends on ones priority/workflow. And yes, of course it's tough for KS to know where to split between the versions. The Queue was just so useful and isn't a 'quality of render' feature that maybe reserved for the PROs as much as a 'process' feature that even beginners really benefit from. It's a question of user experience and having to re-visit ones scene/machine between renders is such a hassle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, different perspectives are awesome.