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KeyVR Beta 10.0.177: Mobility Updates & Multiple Height Levels
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:02:36 am »
Hello KeyVR users,

I wanted to give you some additional information regarding yesterday's update to KeyVR Beta version 10.0.177 and create a thread to collect your feedback:

Mobility Updates

- You can now hold and drag a direction when teleporting to quickly re-orient yourself. If you use other VR applications, you've no doubt encountered this very common system. Simply clicking the ground to just teleport without direction change is of course still possible.
- You can also use the touchpad or analog stick in fly mode to smoothly rotate and re-orient yourself that way. We added motion smoothing and the black circular blinds to reduce motion sickness - but be aware that fly mode is still only recommended for experienced VR users :)
- This does replace our old swipe system. Often you would have to swipe several times in a row (to turn 180deg for example), which felt slow and sluggish. And it was easy to set off accidentally, especially when new to KeyVR.

Multiple Height Levels

If you switch into a camera, KeyVR will now re-adjust its ground level to the actual geometric floor underneath the camera. You can reset this with the "Reset object positions" menu item in VR or our 2D UI. This way, you only need to add one KeyShot camera to each floor in your vertical scenes (such as buildings) and can then transition from level to level by simply switching into the corresponding camera in KeyVR. Then you can teleport around and always stay on the same height level. The distance between camera location and ground is now visualized by a vertical line when you are in the Switch Camera mode, and the ground is represented by a grid in Teleport mode.

I'm greatly interested in your feedback regarding these changes specifically. Thanks!
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