light reflection on gold material

Started by makhacks34, October 28, 2020, 04:34:40 AM

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can anyone tell me how to get light reflection on metal like attached image.
this image is render in keyshot, so which option use for this type of reflection.
comments / reply please.



The HDR image that is wrapped around the scene is what will be reflected in the metal.

If you are referring to those little star flares....

If they are not part of the HDR image (in your example, it looks like they are) they would have to be added in post. KeyShot doesn't do lighting/lens flares.


thanks for reply

but you have any tutorial which software use for lighting / lens flares ?
i want to add effect on attached video..



TGS808 has the right answer. I've used the videocopilot stuff for a long time, its pretty industry standard, even used in a couple theatrical movies (Super8 was a big one) Super easy to use and very customizable. Its not super cheap, but if you are doing a lot of this sort of thing, its totally worth it.