Would it be possible to embed camera information on bitmap rendering data

Started by Higuchi, November 07, 2020, 06:20:53 PM

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for how to embed camera information, such as Focal Lengths, on bitmap rendering data. Is it related to the "metadata" function? Frankly, I can't understand what the function works well for. If I use this command, .xmp or .meta are likely published aside from bitmap rendering data. But, I don't know how they work.

Thank you,


The meta data files stores detailed information in a huge structured way (xmp) and a more readable form (meta). The xmp content can be copied into the file, if you load the jpg or png into Photoshop.
And in a more simple way, copy the camera infos from the meta file and paste it into the  properties of the image file.

Hope that helps.