Weird Splotches everywhere

Started by Aedan, November 17, 2020, 01:46:59 AM

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Hi there everyone
I have these weird splotches and clouds showing up everywhere, which tells me it's not the textures themselves.
The file wasnt like this when I received I think, but it is quite a mess inside, Im not too familiar with Keyshot yet, so Im afraid I might have messed something up. It renders like this as well, no matter what camera I selection.
Any thoughts on what is causing this?
Any replies would be appreciated.
thanks in advance.


I guess that the bump value of several textures are to high. You can increase also some roughness samples in certain materials. The scene needs more samples to res up better and at least you'll love KeyShot 10 and the new abilities with denoise and firefly killer.

Just my first thoughts sawing this render.

Hope that helps to guide in the right direction.


PS.: written on a mobile phone


Have you got Caustics activated? If so, try turning it off and rendering again. With large scale-scenes it's very hard for Keyshot to resolve the caustic reflections. (I just had the same problem!)

I will just add that the live previewer can denoise them away, but it won't do it with the final renderer as denoise is a single pass at the end – why it works like this I've no idea.