Author Topic: Issue with Realcloth Carbon Fiber tutorial - Will Gibbons Tutorial (KS9 to KS10  (Read 1384 times)

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Offline scottyboi

Hi Guys,

I have recently upgraded to Keyshot 10.0.198 from Keyshot 9.3.14

I wanted to re-visit one of Will Gibbons tutorials on creating carbon fibre materials which can be found on, but run through it again in KS10. Worked fine on KS9.
I noticed immediately that the loading time of the scene is so much slower compared to Keyshot 9.

File: RWxWillxCF_Finished Scene.ksp
CPU mode only (will get to GPU shortly)

1. Scene opening time on Keyshot 9 = 5 sec.
2. Scene openeing time on Keyshot 10 = 35 sec.

Should it take longer to open in KS10 now?

Using same file RWxWillxCF_Finished Scene.ksp

Keyshot 9 = switching to GPU mode causes the weave to change on Gloss and Matte material. Raw is not affected.
Keyshot 10 = switching to GPU mode causes viewport freezing, sometimes crash to desktop. Switching to matte material in multi-material causes viewport to freeze (HUD timer is counting up, but sample count has stopped and model can not be rotated in viewport).

Using same file RWxWillxCF_Finished Scene.ksp

Keyshot 9 shows options for Warp and Weft density values.
Keyshot 10 options for Warp and Weft density are not shown anymore.

Do you think this is an issue with my installation or something related to KS10? Limitations of GPU rendering?

My System
Intel i9 9980 XE processor
RTX 3090 FE GPU (NVIDIA Studio driver 457.30)
Windows 10 Pro

Online Justin A

Just to follow up with you here, we were able to duplicate these issues and have escalated a ticket for our development team look in to.  We will keep you posted on what they find on the matter.
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