Generate randomly colored tiles procedurally?

Started by Anindo Ghosh, December 31, 2020, 12:58:51 AM

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Anindo Ghosh

I'm using the Mesh procedural texture to generate the tiles in this model.

Is there a way to apply random colors to the tiles procedurally? For now, I am using a colored tile image for this, but that doesn't translate well if I change the mesh Pattern to staggered or hexagonal, or change the mesh Shape to anything but square.


+1 looking for a solution for randomizing colors of parts without an image applied or manually changing each part color (or groups of selections). The connection between Rhino and Keyshot is not the most reliable and hangs up often or brings in multiple parts or parts in an arbitrary xyz axis and sometimes it's faster to start over exporting from Rhino back into KeyShot and reassigning materials. Given the nature of the workflow, it's ideal to build this into the material graph and know that other rendering programs have this functionality. This is also because KeyShot does not appear to handle block instances very well like it does layers configured in Rhino. Seems like something KeyShot should already have built-in and maybe I'm just not readily seeing it or looking for this in the right places / with the correct approach?