Issue with rendering glossy surface?

Started by p3ngu1n, January 30, 2021, 06:04:56 PM

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Hey all, quick question regarding 0 roughness material.

I have a scene set up with physical lights. I'm trying to render a high gloss object and am finding that setting the "roughness" slider to "0" is creating a strange situation where the material no longer seems to reflect light.

Attaching some screenshots with various "roughness" settings.

I understand that no object is ever "perfectly" smooth, however, I have to wonder if this is expected behaviour?

Anindo Ghosh

With roughness set to 0, the size of the reflection is exactly the same size as the light source. A point source is a point, so the reflection would be infinitesimal, i.e. smaller than even a single pixel.

With a larger light source, I get a visible reflection even on zero roughness metals, please check if you have similar results.


That makes sense. If I throw an HDR light source it reflects just fine. Thanks!