Onshape Connector for KeyShot10 Fix

Started by andrew.brase, February 03, 2021, 09:32:04 AM

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FYI for those of you using Onshape and recently upgraded to KeyShot10:

I find this plugin incredibly useful for my workflow and was bummed that at first this install didn't seem to work with KS10. I've found that the current version of the package automatically installs the plugin file to the KS9 plugin folder.

PC: C:\Users\----\Documents\KeyShot 9\Plugins
Mac: /Library/Application Support/KeyShot9/Plugins

FYI the actual plugin file once unpacked and installed is named:

PC: "onshape.dll"
Mac: "libonshape.dylib"

I've found two solutions that may work for those of you in my situation:

  • If you've upgraded from KS9 to KS10, you likely have the old KS9 folder structures. If the plugin file was installed there by default you can simply redirect KS10's "Plugin" folder to the old KS9 folder in Preferences. Restart Keyshot and you should be good to go.

  • Alternatively I found dragging and dropping the plugin file directly into the default KS10 plugin folder works as well. I don't think anything affecting the plugin has changed between KS9/KS10.

When I came across this problem I had actually started with a fresh KS10 install on a new laptop and didn't have the KS9 folder structures. When installing the plugin, it didn't seem to know where to go and wound up creating a stray disconnected Keyshot plugins folder by default. If this happens you can hunt down this file and drag and drop it back into the KS10 Plugins folder.

I hope someone else finds this is helpful!