Any tips on settle?

Started by andy.engelkemier, March 18, 2021, 07:43:49 AM

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I keep having a heck of a time getting settle to work at all. Sure, it works great on a box.
I also learned it really freaks out if you have any portion of your scene object below zero because it always uses ground, even if it isn't visible.

I'd love to be able to edit some settings for settle? If you have a complex convex shape, it just seems to hang forever at 10/11%. Do I have to export to another software, do my own shrinkwrap, import that model, settle it, then copy and paste the position?

I really just want to use it to put the object on the ground that wasn't designed to sit on the ground. So there isn't really a resting point. I just want to touch it down until it has 3 points of contact.

I'd love to be able to canel as well. I get "Setup (cancelling) when I hit the button. It does not cancel, at least not within several minutes. So it's faster to just kill keyshot and open it again. Not even much of a point in a cancel button if that's the case.

I'd also like to change the offset. Which units is keyshot using to calculate? Did they get that all correct? Maybe I need to make some adjustments because of the complexity. You get the idea. In blender, if you have small objects, you need to change the scene scale to match your units, otherwise it does it's calculations based on meters and that's just not optimized for small objects. Works great for boxes and spheres, but anything else and it starts freaking out. I'm wondering if that's the issue here as well.

I'm just curious if anyone has had any luck with things a bit more complex than the examples they showed. Because so far, ever real-world example I've thrown at it has not gone well.


yet another example of putting extremely simple objects into another object. Not what I'm after. I already have a tool for that, which allows me to control the offset as well. His example only works for symetrical objects where you can "offset" the surface using scale.

Again, I'm just after putting an entire object on the ground. Not a thousand objects inside another object. Just one somewhat complex object.