tesla k80 and keyshot 10

Started by seal5326, February 10, 2021, 09:48:19 AM

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these cards are still quite powerful and i have 6 of them working together on one motherboard and they work fine with blender can you make them work with keyshot 10


I believe the Tesla cards run off the kepler architecture which is not supported by Keyshot. The cards need to be minimum Maxwell architectire which is the successor of the kepler cards. You will need the RTX or GTX line of cards to use GPU rendering in keyshot.


what is wrong with keplar it uses cuda who cares about the optix denoiser nobody wants to buy cards they cannot afford if you know what i mean ;) plus blender and vray have no problems with keplar you just cant use optix so intel denoiser is fine please fix this development team 


you could contact support directly and put in a request, they can probably better explain why they aren't supported, or if they are on some limited level what driver versions are compatible. That's the caveat with GPU renderers is they are very finicky. Its getting better, but there has been tons of advancements since these cards were first released in 2014


Tesla k80 and keyshot 10 are still very poweful cards, The Tesla K80 was a professional graphics card by NVIDIA, launched in November 2014, Tesla K80 combines two graphics processors to increase performance mybkexperience mcdvoice