Real-time Region Render

Started by mikejb, May 26, 2021, 03:13:54 AM

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Has the real-time region render option in Keyshot 10 been removed? In KS9 I could select a specific area in the real-time window and edit the sample settings to determine what number of samples a scene would require. I can't seem to find this option in KS10.


still there, use it every day. you access it in the top tool bar as "region" if you don't see it, right click on the tool bar and make sure its checked. oddly its not in any of the top menus. The other thing which I have done is mapped it to shift+R as a keyboard shortcut through the preferences. Super useful, I use it all the time.


Any chance of a screenshot, Matt, because I still can't find it in my KS10!


It's in the same place it's always been.


You must've hidden it somehow when you were setting up K10. I have used it today and it is still very much there (I don't know what I would do without it).


The easiest way to get this back (and get everything back to a normal setup) is to change your Workspace to Default.
When a new version of KeyShot is installed for the first time, it defaults to a "Startup" workspace which hides a lot of the features in the ribbon.

At any point, you can right-click on the ribbon to enable features (such as region render) or disable features you don't use.