Grainy renders

Started by simondep, February 17, 2021, 03:00:23 AM

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Hi i'm having problems with rendering.
I rendered a side view of my helmet with 900 samples passes and it turned out fine(img :neon test.609_3)
And then i simply changed my view to the front and adjusted the location of my lights and then my render came out grainy(Img: neon test.612_2)
I used the same render settings and can't seem to find what's wrong.
Please and thank you


Bump up your samples or use the denoiser a little more. Depending on the angle reflections and different geometry is visible which might take more time. Let me know if it doesn't help and I can have a look at it if you like. It seems to be just a minor grain so 500 extra samples should definitely solve it.