Hierarchy and Name on Solidworks cannot be properly translated on Keyshot

Started by Higuchi, February 18, 2021, 05:02:14 PM

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Hi Administrator,

I've been facing the trouble every time when I translate 3D data from Solidworks to Keyshot regardless of using plugin or not. As you can see attached image, although I've cleaned up 3D parts to each folder with special name on Solidworks, all of 3D parts definitely become separated without folders. Moreover, original name seems to be broken (it might occur only in Japanese specification). Due to this error, I have to spend a lot of time to re-clean up folders and re-name on Kesyhot... I strongly hope it will be improved soon.

But, as far as I watched related webinar on Youtube below, original plugin for Solidworks works well compared to my error! Where is the reason of my error!?

Now, I use Solidworks 2020 SP4.0 and Keyshot 10.1 with Plugin 10.0 downloaded from the link below.


I guess this might be an interesting entry for an old topic.
IMHE groups and patterns of components were never be translated through interfaces. Just try to convert your assembly to any format that respects structures like step, x_t, etc. and re-import into Solidworks. You won't see any folders.

KeyShot only converts multibody parts and translate them into a sub group.

If you replace the components into subassemblies instead of groups, you'll see this structure in KeyShot's model tree.

Folders and groups in a MCAD system are just a different view of a flat structure.

But I'm curious to read other experiences and suggestions.



Thank you so much, Marco!
Through your comments, I've tested some different conditions and I can almost understand how it works well.

Let me confirm my understanding below, is it correct?
1. When I use solidworks parts data (XXX.sldprt), Keyshot would loads packaged 3D data with the name "XXX" applying for a folder.
2. When I use solidworks assemble data (YYY.sldasm) containing some parts data (aaa.sldprt, bbb.sldprt, ccc.sldprt), Keyshot would loads separated 3D data with keeping hierarchy and its original name (YYY - aaa, bbb, ccc).

Under this specification, it seems so difficult and complex for me to use Solidworks data, doesn't it? Almost every time I make 3D model, I use only single parts data not assemble data. Is there another way to manage 3D model hierarchy and its group name, when I translate it to Keyshot? And, would there possibility to be able to be controlled even from parts data not assemble data in the future?

By the way, could you tell me what does IMHE stand for?


Isn't the result of the second bullet point (YYY -> AAA, BBB, CCC, ...) the structure you need in KeyShot?

With a quick test I wasn't able to export the names of a multi body part to KeyShot


Yeah, 2. (YYY -> AAA, BBB, CCC, ...) is so perfect for me, but I just worried about the work flow. As I mentioned, I don't need to use Solidworks assemble data, namely parts data is enough for many cases. If I need to make assemble data every time, I have to spend additional time to prepare. I'd like to avoid it as much as possible.

Now, I come up with an option, but it doesn't look perfect. Could you tell me what do you think of this work flow?
1. make parts data on Solidworks, not assemble data
2. color each model depending on what I want to separate
3. translate to Keyshot, and select specific parts by color and group in a single folder
4. rename the folder

If Kesyhot could load and classify each model to folders by color, it looks almost perfect other than naming.


That workflow might help. You can search for the parts with the specific colors and create a new model set from selection. That provides kind of a structure.

If you set the import option "Structure Scene Tree hierarchy by - Material" (instead of object) and toggle off "Unlink materials by parts name" then the parts are named like the Solidworks colors (appearance names).

Hope that helps.



I could test what you advised. But, under this setting, separated model seems to have to be merged unintentionally (I know we can retake apart on Keyshot).


Then toggle on the material linkage
The part names contains the parent part name and the color name and RGB values