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Offline Pierre

Hi everyone,

I've imported motion study from SolidWorks 21 on Keyshot 10.0 and I was able to move them in the animation timeline window.
After upgrading to Keyshot 10.1, it's not possible anymore, the animation block slides in timeline, but parts are still moving at the initial animation timing. Downgrading back to KS 10.0 makes the animation movable again.
Same with animations from Blender. It seams that motion animations from external software (I've tried only with SolidWorks and Blender) are stuck in the timeline on KS10.1.
It does not affect the morphing animations, just motion ones (purple in timeline).

Does someone have same issue and have found a solution?


Offline Justin A

Re: KS 10.1 | Animation from external software won't move in timeline
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Hello Pierre,

Would you be able to supply my team with a Solid Works File or a Blender file that we can troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Support Manager

Offline Pierre

Hello Justin,

I'm sorry but I can not share the file due to confidentiality.
I'll make some tries on generic file to reproduce the issue and be back to you then.
I guess I should send the files at [email protected]?

EDIT: The error seams to be fixed with the last 10.1.82 update.

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