How should I improve closed space rendering with bumpy texture?

Started by Higuchi, March 02, 2021, 10:28:57 PM

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Hi all,

I'm struggling to make closed space rendering, how are my samples?

A1 is physical IES lighting without HDRI *raw data
A2 is physical IES lighting without HDRI *retouched on Photoshop
B1 is with HDRI lighting through the window *raw data
B2 is with HDRI lighting through the window *retouched on Photoshop

Although both wall materials are same as you can see 5th attached image, the results look totally different. Namely, I'm satisfied A, but I couldn't get decent one for B. Before I reached the consequence, I tested many times with different conditions, HDRI, Texture, Lighting, Image and Rendering settings.

Could you please advice me to improve it? Have I reached the edge of Keyshot potential? I'd like to know how well we can make it like other renderers like V-Ray, Corona, etc...


Is your issue with the 4th image that it looks too flat to you? I'm assuming you have increased your bump to be more pronounced, what about a geometry node? Or is there another problem? The bathroom shot is really great! I think that one is pretty darn close to what you get out of engines like V-Ray.


Thank you for the comment!

As you mentioned, The bathroom shot A1 and A2 looked so nice and as almost well as the one rendered by V-Ray! That is exact why I've been testing many times!

But regarding as B1 or B2, in other words not closed space which is influenced by outside light of HDRI, looked flat compared to A. Although I tested higher bump value, I couldn't get satisfied results in the end. It might be related to the distance between the camera and the model, as it is easy to express well bumped result if the camera get closer or zoom to the model.


Yes probably, I would try using a geometry node to really crank up the detail in the texture + do a shadow/light render pass. Then run it through photoshop and have complete control over how I want that wall to look. It wouldn't be great for an animation but it should give you very precise control over this image at least.