Registered model data on library is followed by unintentional environment

Started by Higuchi, March 04, 2021, 07:11:49 PM

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I usually register useful model data on library, and this function is so convenient for me when I reuse it. And, I check only "Geometry", when I register the model. If I check "Environment", model data has to be accompany by unintentional environment, and active environment on the scene is forced to be changed, when I reuse model data.

But, in the actual cases, sometimes I need to edit registered model data through "\KeyShot 10\Models" directly. But, once if I edit the saved model, I can't avoid to resave without any environment. Namely, registered model has to contain unnecessary environment. In the end, when I use the registered model, unintentional environment become active on my working scene.

My proposal is that we will be able to select which one, Geometry, Environment, Camera etc, is needed each time, when I reuse the model data.

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In this case, just open the model library in an explorer window and drag the bip file into your scene. The import dialog will appear and you'll get all the options you need.



Thank you for the reply.
I know what you suggested, but user interface have to be complex in this case. According to my understanding, the strong point of Keyshot Model Library is easy interface thanks to thumbnail. I hope just we will be able to change the setting when I use Keyshot Model Library, including environment or not as well as drag and drop from exploler. It's easy update, isn't it?


I suggest a context menu option like "import with settings". And I would give a +1 to this request.


Exactly! I guess there will be some ways to change the setting depending on cases. I hope user interface would be first, anyway.