Failed to open viewer scene

Started by DavidO, March 05, 2021, 07:32:47 AM

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I can't open a Keyshot scene save for the Keyshot viewer.
I use Keyshot 10 and Viewer 9, it's the last version.

When I open it, file is loading and then come back to home page.
I can open Keyshot freebie scene but nothing came from me even if it's only a very light scene.

Did someone can help me ?



Niko Planke

Hello DavidO,

The Viewer is sadly not forwards compatible.
A scene saved for the Viewer in KeyShot 10 must be opened in a Viewer version 10 or later.
From what you are writing, you are trying to open a Keyshot 10 scene in the Keyshot 9 Viewer which will not work.

I suggest to always use the latest version of the Viewer to ensure the best compatibility.

I hope this answerts your question.




Hello Niko,

Thanks for your answer.
This is what I thought, I'll try it.

Regards, David