How to stop this label from repeating?

Started by AdamAnt, March 09, 2021, 05:33:43 AM

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Hey guys,
Im trying to add a label to this green button. I just want it to be on the 'main face'..not anywhere else. (you can see another one on the topside and one beginning on the left).

How can I stop this label from repeating? This is what I have done
- disable repeat horizontally/vertically
- center on 'part'
- mapping type is 'box'
- angle > center z has been decreased to -100 (but none of the negative values work

please advise on how to fix this.. thanks!

Eric Summers

If you just want it on the front face, change mapping type to Planar and use Position to orient it.


As Eric mentioned right, the planer mapping should work better for this scene. And also change the depth value from (default) 0 to a small value like .1 or a bit higher if on a curved surface the label looks cropped or clipped. That provide the label for unlimited depth and it is not recognizable on the back of the part - and - "uncheck both" sides should also help.



Thank you guys for your asnwer.. it worked like a charm!

Thanks again