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Started by mattjgerard, March 03, 2021, 01:27:22 PM

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Please please please fix the search box and results in the project scene tree.

Example- I have a bottle filling machine that I need to change out the bottles for cans. There are over 700 bottles in this scene, and since its a cad import it is NOT organized at all. But, the bottles are labeled as "bottle-001, bottle-002, etc" thankfully. But, they are nested in sections of the model, so 100 of them will be nested in a group with the collector conveyor, another 50 will be nested with the flipper, etc. So, I search for "bottle" here we hit a couple issues-

1- the moment I press "b" in the search box, KS starts searching. I can't type the "o" until its done. Please change it from the live search to searching when I hit the enter key.

2- The search has no option for a flat tree-less view. I need to delete all 700 bottles, but if i search "bottle" and do a CTRL_A delete, it deletes the entire hierarchy, not just the bottles because it is showing the enclosing groups that the bottles are in. Even if the group that the bottle is in does NOT have the word "bottle" in it, that group and its sub groups (which all contain stuff I don't want to delete) still appear in the search results. So, i still have to go through and manually select the bottle objects individually or in groups. so, the search doesn't really get me much. Well, it does, but not as far as I'd like!

So, change the search box to not a live search, and create a "flat search" view where it doesn't show the hierarchy of the searched items, and doesn't show the enclosing folders of the searched items.


Hello Matt.
Have you ever tried to paste the word 'bottle' from the clipboard into the search bar?
Instead of using CTRL+A, you could use the a list selection of the filtered scene tree (select with shift).

Hope that helps a bit