Layered forged carbon

Started by gorillawatches, April 01, 2021, 06:42:55 AM

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I am doing a watch in layered forged carbon. The layers on the bezel are non concentric (tilted 15 degrees around the crown stem).

I rendered it with a gradient in the specular channel of an anisotropic material, mixiing it with some marble texture to have a less graphical look.

This works for a still  image. However in reality the material is a composite of identical fibers but layered in opposite directions. So if the angle of the lights hits from a opposite angle, the layers that first appeared darker become lighter and vice versa. How could i replicate such a material behavior in Keyshot?
I would also appreciate some tips on how to get the material less regular looking. There are same vains/fibers visible in the material. I tired to replicate it with some marble vains but I am not too carzy about the reuslt.

Thanks for your help!

Will Gibbons

This is really cool! I think it could be improved mostly with some lighting, some rounded edges and some adjustments to the colors of the texture and some subtle variation. But I like the approach!