Pro/E plugins and KS3

Started by DonChunior, November 20, 2011, 10:53:40 PM

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Do the "old" plugins of Pro/E Wildfire 2, 3, 4 and 5 work together with the new KS3?

Also I remember a statement of Thomas Teger, that the plugins will all be re-worked.
Will there be new plugins in next time?

Regards, DonChunior


I cannot get the Pro/E plugin to work with KS3. I am using Wildfire 4 and have downloaded the latest versions of KS3 and the Pro/E plugin.
If I re-install KS2 everything works fine.
Anyone else having issues with Pro/E and KS3?



I also could not get the plugin to work. It showed up in Wildfire 4 just fine but Keyshot 3 never fired up.

         Regards, Phil Heslin

Tim Wolf

Got an Protk.dat error. After remove the Protk from the WF5 folder, and re-install the plugin, the installation was successful. But the shortcut from WF5 to KS3 still does not work ...

Tim Wolf

Does anyone know when we can expect an solution for this ?  Need it urgently ...


I emailed Keyshot Support and received this reply pretty quickly...

"We are shooting to have the plugins ready for KS3 later this month. The=20=
one you are using now is only for KS2"

Tim Wolf

Got the plugin today and installed successful (had to manually copy the protk.dat from the KS3 to the WF5 folder).

However, when I export directly from WF5 (using the KS3 render button) it does not retain materials. Since I specify in WF5 already the textures for the specific surfaces (by coloring them different, which need to be followed in KS) I need to keep the colors ...

I can not find the retain materials button in the WF5 shortcut button.

If I import when I am already in KS3 I can select the retain materials still, but can not select to import more than one part at a time ...

Does anyone know already what I should do ?


Hi Tim,

We will have a good solution for this in KeyShot 3.1. For now it is true that the plugin has some limitations with respect to retaining materials. The easiest solution is to import parts into KeyShot.

-- Henrik

Tim Wolf

Dear Henrik,
Thanks for your quick and honest answer.
I deceided to switch back to KS2, unfortunitly ...
Looking forward to see KS3.1


i ve tryed the plug-in for feyshot with WF 5 but it doesn't work. I ve place le prodev.dat in the text folder but no result.
Do you have an idea ?
best regards


is it possible to download the odl plugin because the new don't work
thank you
best regards

Tim Wolf

Should place the protk.dat (not prodev.dat !) in the right folder of WF5. The latest plugin works with me, the old defenitly not (wasted some hours with it). Success !


Tim - did you apply the colors on the part level inside WF5?


We just confirmed that the colors get lost. We will fix this. The "material thing" for 3.1 mentioned above is something different.


yes i've made a mistake yes it was protk.dat but the result is the same. It doesn't work
best regards