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Started by vavalexus, March 02, 2021, 07:09:28 AM

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From the very first versions of Keyshot I always was a bit confused with a lot of environments being a total mess because there is no a sort option! I can have about 50 different envitonments with logical names and numbers that I create at different project time so they are scattered around and need to sort them. Am I missing somthing or such a simple and must have feature is still not availble? Furthermore I'd love to see the folders in which I can organize my environments, say by studios, or by cameras, or any other basis. It is such a small feature but without it a huge project becomes a pain in a neck.


I vote on your idea! Many people think of it, I guess.


Yes, need the option to rearrange Environments and Cameras.


Yeah I agree on all fronts as well. I noticed it's now possible to rearrange studios (not sure when that was done), and already that's been a major QOL improvement. You'd expect all those list-boxes to work the same, so it's kind of strange that cameras and environments aren't there yet.
I recently finished a project where I had to visualize 6 concepts, with about 6 camera angles each, all with customized environments. You need to have a solid naming system in place and be very consistent, but even then an extra concept or a request for extra angles can make a properly organized project a mess.