Rhinoceros sr9 and keyshot 3

Started by syl1130, November 23, 2011, 04:12:24 AM

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why rhino starts and dont start keyshot 3,please update the keyshot 3 plugins for rhinoceros. :)

Chad Holton




don't finish work on this plugin? i need it ... thanx


When does the KeyShot 3 Rhino Plugins out?


thanx for release this plugin...
but..  why when start render in rhino with K3 , first convert my model to mesh ?


Any updates for the plug in of Rhino for keyshot 3?


These have been posted quite some time ago. You can download them from keyshot.com/keyshot/plugins.


I am missing the possibility to use the camera views of rhino directly in keyshot as soon as it is loaded. For example I suggest the following: saving my favorite camera in Rhino, then start the Keyshot plugin and exactly the same view/zoom/ankle from Rhino is shown in keyshot.

The process to create a mesh for every part and its countless requests how you want to configure its mesh is very annoyig.

I am also missing realtime changes in keyshot when I am changing something in rhino.
Otherwise this plugin is not what I was hoping for.
Sorry when it sounds rough but thats my opinion and it has a lot of potential.