Pause and resume animations?

Started by archz2, August 14, 2021, 08:54:20 AM

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I have never done animation in Keyshot before. I am planning to do a turntable animation of  a 3d work. Approximately, one single render takes 15 minutes. In order to render a 20 second animation at a framerate of 30. That makes 600 frames and 9000 minutes.

That becomes 150 hours. Almost 6 days and 6 hours of non stop rendering!

I do not have any secondary machine. Is there any way I can pause and resume animation rendering. I searched and I could only find this post made 3 years ago.


In the animation settings make sure "Frames Output" is checked so that KS saves the individual frames. (really, you should always do this. you can leave "Video Output" unchecked). When you need to stop and then start it again, you can pick up from the frame where you left off by choosing "Frame Range" at the top and entering the frame number you want to resume from and stop at. Once you have all 600 frames completed, you can import the sequence of images into Premiere or After Effects or even Photoshop (or any other video editor of your choice) and export your final video from there. This was possible in 2018 so, I'm not sure why no one mentioned it in that post you linked to.

Just an FYI concerning that post you linked to. One of the posts said:

"It would be great to have this feature on network rendering as well. I'd love to be able to pause a job during work hours and resume for the night."

It's possible to do that now. Figured I'd mention it even though you're not using a network.


Okay. So you're talking about this option. Right?


That's the one. Doing it that way will allow you to stop and start where you left off as many times as you need to.

One caveat I would add is this... make sure you keep the file names consistent. In your screenshot, your system render # is set to 3, so your files will come out with .3 in the name (as it's showing you in the example on the screenshot). When you go to start your rendering from where you left off, there's a chance that it will advance itself to #4 . Don't let it do that. Before you start to render make sure you check and set back to 3 if it has advanced. Otherwise, the frames will not be seen as part of the same sequence when importing them into a video editor.


Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.  :)