2012 support - help!

Started by quigley, November 24, 2011, 09:58:03 AM

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In recently upgraded my hardware to an all singing all dancing render machine so we decided to keep it clean and do a fresh install of SW2012 SP1 and use this as the basis for moving to SW2012.....so I have spent all day today working on a new job that could not even be done on the old setup so when I go to render in Keyshot 2....the file doesn't load! Doh! Forgot to check that.

I was polanning to upgrade to KS3 anyway but not been doing any rendering recently so there was no rush, until today! But the thing is, I was a beta tester and there were issues with all SolidWorks imports (my workaround then was simple - import into KS2, then save as a BIP),so judging by the responses here it seems 2012 is not yet a done deal. Hence I am now exporting a 20,000 part assembly as a STEP file and trying that, and if that fails....nope it works :)