Can I stop rendering and continue the process another day?

Started by margarida98, August 24, 2021, 09:49:06 AM

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I would like to know if there's any away to stop rendering and continue the process the day after? The render it's taking to long to complete and I need to shut down the computer. Can I save the work it already done and continue from there another day?
Thank you!


If it's a single image being rendered on a single machine (sounds like it is) then no, you can't pause it and pick up from where you left off if you turn off the computer. If it is an animation, you can do it. See here:


When doing video, you should always make sure you are doing frame by frame. Just write down at which frame you aborted and the next day, start rendering from that frame to the last one. For animations it's always a good plan to compile the frames afterwards so you have more control over your end result.