repetition of the texture

Started by Philehmann, September 18, 2021, 07:51:11 AM

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How can the unpleasant repetition of the texture be prevented - with the same scale of texture?
Thanks for your help and hints. Philipp.


I'd use a seamless image texture. Here's a video on how to make one if you don't have one.


Thank you for the hint. I will try it out... Regards. Philipp.


Even with tiling textures, you will see repeating patterns if they are tiled this much.
An alternative is to blend multiple tiling textures at different scales. That will break up the pattern a little. Alternatively, you could use procedural textures such as the wood / marble ones, that aren't based on images. They're based on noise formulas and don't have any tiling. Realism can be harder to achieve, but definitely worth experimenting with.


Yes, I have already tried procedural textures with the "extended wood". It's not easy to get the inaccuracy i am looking for.
A combination of what you described seems promising to me: tiling with procedural textures with different scale and procedural parameters.