Windows 11 + Keyshot

Started by ovivo, October 28, 2021, 07:28:16 AM

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 Just wondering if it's Windows 11 related, out of nowhere, Keyshot started asking to Resolve Missing Ressources.

Even if it's specified, it keeps asking it.


fresh install of keyshot? That usually repairs problems like that for me.

Synje Andersen

Hi ovivo

So far there are no known issues with KeyShot on Windows 11, from our internal testing.
Be aware that there are KeyShot unrelated performance issues on Windows 11, though.

In relation to the missing resources:
Do you know if during the installation of Windows 11 you installed OneDrive along with it?
Our suspicion would be that if you had KeyShot installed before you upgraded to Windows 11, Windows might have moved some of your folders to OneDrive, which would have changed the file paths.

A fresh install might solve your problem.

Best regards


I would keep my hands off it as long as possible, nobody knows the bugs and whether you really just need to update or do a new installation.


I've read so many people in the pro workspace are migrating back to win 10 due to the long list of bugs and just crappy UI glitches that are in win 11.


that is correct @mattjgerard the crappy UI glitches are absolutely inadequate, unfortunately win11 has installed itself via the windows update without my consent,
the button to reject the installation was not available.
Since 10 days it can be officially downloaded as a regular windows update and unfortunately there is no official information from Luxion about possible Keyshot problems and win 11.

Niko Planke

We are still checking for compatibility on windows 11.
So far we have not observed issues specific to keyshot 10.
I would still strongly recommend to avoid the update to windows 11, as it has known general performance issues on some hardware that most likely will also impact keyshot.
If you experience issues that are exclusive to keyshot 10 on windows 11, we are of course very interested in hearing about them. Ideally write a mail to [email protected]

Best regards


Hey Nico,
Thank you for your prompt reply :-)
Microsoft is somehow faster than expected, I was expecting win 11 in the spring of '22 and a roll back to win 10 is too risky for my taste.
I am happy to inform you about any problems that arise, that helps us all.


Just a quick updated.

Keyshot works flawlessly on Windows 11. The problem was OneDrive related, shortcuts to folders vs real folders etc ...