Camera path animation issues & work around

Started by wayneheim, November 01, 2021, 09:32:33 PM

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Am I the only one that has issues animating a path for a camera? I make the first point, move my camera to it's new location and point it at my subject, add a point, move to the next location and point it at the subject again and add a third point. Save, then preview the path and none of the additional points make the camera look where I pointed it. I have to go back in and modify each point again and repoint the camera at the subject. I'm even seen the path point the camera upside down or even backward/mirrored so the projector window is pointing the wrong way where you have to point the back of the camera icon at your subject. This is crazy frustrating.

I saw someone recommend to do your path and then switch it from walk through to point at. Problem is I am switching from the end of my camera position to this new movement camera. If I point at my subject it moves the start point from where I had it to match the previous camera.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.




I have seen that and that is what I was trying to follow. Not working. Don't understand why you have to repoint the cameras after saving the control points.


It seems that you forgot to define a camera target. Just pointing the camera at the target at each checkpoint is not enough.


How do I define a target while setting the path points?


I have the exact same issue. The camera path creation just doesn't work. Only if I go back, delete points and create new ones.


Yes Max thank you!! So anyone trying to use the camera path tool:
1. Create start point
2. Create one or two more points. Doesn't really matter where they point because they won't work correctly. Save/apply.

3. Double click on the motion bar in the animation time line. This will bring up the edit dialog on the right (not the geometry view pop-up).

3. Double click on the first point in that window. It should jump your camera to that point. Now navigate and point your camera where you want and add points. The system will add them to the end and numbering is screwed up so just keep track of old vs new. 

4. Once you have the new points created, delete all original points except the first one.

The path system should work correctly now and keep the view you set your camera at at each point. If needed, you can still fine tune position. That won't break anything.

Hope this helps others.