PiXYZ Studio exporting to FBX

Started by theAVator, December 06, 2021, 10:25:53 AM

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A couple things:
1. PiXYZ Studio is amazing for optimizing CAD data. Quite literally took a 150,000,000 poly count model down to 800k with little to no discernable change in quality. 

2. When I import FBX files into Keyshot I always get errors that there is no CAD data in the file. Most recently, from PiXYZ I export an FBX file and import that into Keyshot and receive the error. If I go to OBJ file, it imports perfectly except it doesn't retain the structure/heirarchy. Same thing if I do this from Creo or another CAD program. Does Keyshot have issues working with FBX files? I know it seems to export them just fine, but always seems to run into issues importing them.

Has anyone worked with PiXYZ and Keyshot have any pointers? Are there any settings I should be looking to tweak. PiXYZ gives me options for what version of FBX to export with, does Keyshot only work with certain ones or better with certain ones?

Eugen Fetsch

Try to export in an older FBX format if possible.


I'll try and older one, I tried going back to the previous 2 versions to the same result. Maybe I'll go way back and see if that works. Right now it seems like the issue is primarily on the Keyshot side of things importing FBX. The same files are tested and working when importing into CreoView, Max, Rhino, and Maya - Keyshot is the only one that struggles to open it. However, if I import into those other programs and then export an FBX from them, it will import into Keyshot just fine. So right now that's my workaround. Seems like there is 1 small thing that Keyshot isn't able to handle, but everyone else is able to and as a result they can rectify it for Keyshot. 


Can you export in a different format? USD for example?