Apply UV map from Blender to object in KeyShot

Started by CodyBrown, December 10, 2021, 07:57:50 AM

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i have a boat hull from CAD software Siemens NX that i am trying to apply our paint stipes to. coming from NX it has no good UV data and unwrapping in Keyshot gets me somewhat there, but not for something as complex as an entire boat hull.

i have taken it into blender and UV unwrapped it, have a decent uv map for it now. now that ive finally hit this step i need to be able to paint the decals on the uv map and then apply this in keyshot and having some real troubles.

i have the uv map but if i take it into photoshop and make the decals on this and export it all together or just the graphic by itself, it just applies all black when i try to apply it in keyshot. i even exported an FBX file from blender to try on that since its the exact part i unwrapped in blender and still same result.

can anyone shed some light on how i can use my uv map from blender to create the decals in the right spots on there and then apply it in keyshot to have it map correctly?

any advice on this is appreciated, all my knowledge of keyshot and blender all came from tutorials, forums, and articles.



I know you said you tried this but just an FYI....

Once you've unwrapped it in Blender, you have to export the model that you unwrapped along with the UV map from Blender (or wherever you do your unwrapping). If you unwrap in Blender and then go back to your original model in KS with your UV map, that model is not going to understand what to do with it.

That said, on your FBX model from Blender, did you make sure to change the Mapping type in KS to UV?