Not able to deactivate license without saving file

Started by 43915, December 13, 2021, 10:14:12 PM

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I'm using Keyshot 10.2 and I use 1 license on 2 different machines, one for preparing renderings and one where I start the renders to work over night.

Before the last update I could just save the file I was working on with ctrl+S and then press Help > Deactivate License and it would close Keyshot so that I could then activate it on the other machine. But after the last update I'm prompted to save the project as a new file or package when I want to deactivate the license. Therefore, since I already have my project saved and don't want another save file for the same project, I have to close the project manually first and chose to dismiss the save prompt there (which as far as I can tell isn't possible on the earlier prompt that I get when trying to deactivate the license) and then deactivate the license when I have no active project open.

Is there a way to get past this or make it work like it did before, or do I have to close the projects manually first from now on? I know that this is a rather small issue that is pretty easy to get around, but I just don't understand why there's no "dismiss" or "continue without saving" option when deactivating the license. As of now as far as I can tell I'm forced to save it as a new file or else the license won't deactivate for as long as I have a project open, and it's kind of annoying when it used to work before.