Help - Sporadic Loading of AR Content on iOS - Hardware Issue?

Started by imauserwiththisname, January 06, 2022, 05:01:31 PM

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Hey gang,

Wondering if anyone has some insight here as I am not having luck on any web searches.

As the title implies, I am experiencing very sporadic issues loading .usdz files such that, at best, the camera will open and the model will appear faintly then once the camera has been moved enough it will nearly propagate the model, but then switch over to the all black screen with the filename (as shown in the video). More often, the result is what is shown in the attached video—camera opens for a brief moment and then on to the black screen with the filename.

Note: this occurs whether or not the file size shown on the black screen is 0 or a higher numerical value.

Because it occurs sporadically (I was able to load the Envoy helmet model to the point of what is mentioned in the "at best" above) I am assuming this is related to the hardware being used to open the AR file. Does my poor lil' iPhone 8 just not have the juice to launch AR Quick Look content consistently?

The iPhone 8 is listed at the bottom of this page→ as being capable, so perhaps it is something else? I have a client requesting AR content, and I would like to be able to test it out before sending their way, so any insight here on workarounds or experiences is greatly appreciated.



Update: Was able to open/view same files with an associate's iPhone X as well as their newer iPad—so I will chalk this up to my personal device (iPhone 8) not being able to handle the content as intended.

Thank you for viewing,


I have found that USDz files bigger than 90-100 MB do not work well on iPhones 7-8.