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Started by MarkRD, July 21, 2010, 08:16:38 AM

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Hi there,

I try to get behind the camera pivot settings in the options panel,
but not sure if I do something wrong ....

I think the equivalent to this setting (option/camera > pivot point)
is to click into the scene with the right mouse button, while the strg and
alt key are clicked. Sometimes it works, the camera jumps to the new
position and takes this as the new pivot point, sometimes it won't work.

What did I do wrong?




Not sure - Right Click - "Look at" does the same thing.


Hi Thomas,

thanks, but I'm still not sure what happens.

If I go into the camera options panel and click on "pick pivot", select a place in the
render view and then hit "done" nothing happens. The camera is still moving around my object.

If I use (WIN) Strg + Alt + RMB I should also be able to do the same, but it only works
from time to time. Sometimes the camera is jumping to the new place, sometimes not.

So i'm not sure if I do something wrong or there is maybe a bug ...

Thanks for your help



Make sure you click on the object. Does this help?

Brian Townsend


On the Windows side you need to press 'Ctrl+Alt+Right Mouse' to move the camera pivot. 



Or go to the camera tab and click "pick pivot". That gets you into the "pick pivot" mode.