How Many Samples Do you Usually Render At?

Started by RaycerX, February 13, 2022, 09:33:44 AM

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I do a lot of furniture-related product renders and usually will do 300 samples for a final render. It seems to do the job for our purposes (website). If it's an animation I'll do it at around 200 samples or else render times get out of control (and so does the cost). Just wondering what's standard for other Keyshot users. Thanks.


For me sample size for product renders depends on the type of materials, colors, and resolution.   

I'm not a fan of noise unless I add it myself.  Rendering at 3300x3300, for products that are mostly white or have bright colors I'll use custom render settings set to 18 samples but if I use max samples I'm likely to use 512-780 samples.


It's a little bit like asking "how fast do you drive your car?", you use the samples that are appropriate for the scene. The complexer the material and interplay between geometry, the more samples you need. For most interiors I go up to 3000 samples on the GPU but my scenes usually include a lot of lighting and translucent materials, so that takes a toll on the samples.