Tips for Rendering Interior Walls

Started by melik.ayhan, February 24, 2022, 06:45:29 AM

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Hello guys. I am into do some interior renders. In the scene, furnitures, colors and lightings are kinda ok. But the feeling of the walls don't make me that much happy. They just seem like plastic. You can see the examples that I want to have in my scene below. Thanks! 

Will Gibbons

Have you tried using bump and roughness textures to bring some variation to the surface of your wall materials?


First, I agree with Will.   8)

Attached is a quick example render using the settings below.

For roughness add a Granite 3D texture on the bump of the wall scaled to about 0.5cm bump height 0.25. 

For depth, add an Occlusion 3D Texture to the Diffuse color be sure to add the wall's Blue color to the "Unoccluded" color, and set the Radius to 5 with a falloff of .5.

Under the image panel select Photographic -> Low Contrast.

The wall trim/molding add a different (paint) material with less roughness.

Edited image to match the lighting better.***


Thanks for the tips! I will try as soon as possible.


I also find that thinking about how the wall was constructed helps with creating the right imperfections. For example a drywall is installed with screws to the posts of the wall and then it is sort of plastered over. Even for the best contractor it is incredibly hard to get this plastering perfect. Adding those imperfections in the bump should give you added realism. If it is an older looking interior, you could even introduce some light cracks into the drywall.

It's all about creating the right imperfections for the material.


You're going the extra mile there with the drywall spackle!   8)