Studios are deleting multimaterials

Started by davetwo, March 07, 2022, 07:04:23 AM

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I have inherited the a file from someone else with various studios included showing different product finish variations.
When I try to make a new studio using the same product finish variations Keyshot is giving me errors and removing some or all of the multi-materials on the product. Is this just KS being buggy? (The Multi-Material tickbox is on in the Studios panel)


May you please provide some more information?
Which version of KeyShot on what OS do you use?
Which version created the scene?


Using KS11 on Windows 10. I guess the project was originally created in KS10.

The materials reference AxF files. There are no 'missing asset' errors on opening the files. Just critical errors removing the multi-mterials whan I create a new studio.

I think KS may be losing the link to the AxF materials (they are unpacked in the same location as the .bip file). But KS doesn't seem to have a proper texture manager so I can check/relink assets?


If you recreate (not duplicate) the studios do they still lose the multi-material?