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Porsche - Night City

Started by Jayesh Patil, March 18, 2022, 06:15:34 AM

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Jayesh Patil

Hello everyone, Its been a long time since I have posted anything here.

Wanted to do automobile shot from soo long, Finally got some free time.
This is my first try at automobile rendering so please let me know your thoughts on this.

You can check more shots on my IG - jayesh_id


The wheels are spinning very fast but the car appears to be standing still. There's no other sense of motion in the image. I'd take that motion blur off the wheels and make it a parked car. Street and puddles look real nice.

Jayesh Patil

Hi TGS808, Thanks a lot. Here is the image with changes.

Will Gibbons

Hey! I love the colors and the environment and composition. If you are looking for feedback, I think the windows read like mirrors a bit too much, but that's just a matter of preference probably. I think the glow/halation could be finessed a touch, but overall, I really like it. The one without motion blur on the wheels looks better in my opinion. Nice job!

Jayesh Patil

Thanks Will, really appreciate your feedback. This is actually my first time doing such heavy scene and automobile rendering :D. I will definately keep these things in mind when the next time I try it  :)


Nice. I think it's improved with the still wheels.


Strong second on the colors and environment. Well done!