KS3 solidworks plugin?

Started by aebstract, December 05, 2011, 07:08:20 AM

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Is there a way to use the old plugin or is there a new one available?


We will post a new SW plugin along with updates to all plugins so they will work with KS 3 later this week.


Hi Thomas,

When we are talking abot solidworks plugin. I'm close to buy an Keyshot license.
I'm still using solidworks 2009 standard. Which plugin shell I use ?
Many thanks


Any chance this is coming today? It's later in the week and I doubt you're going to release something on a weekend, unless it won't be up until tomorrow of course.  :P


You said later this week, last week. When can we expect these plugins?


You are refering to later LAST week ... he said later THIS week ...  :P :P


He said later "this" week on the 5th, last Monday. :/ Now it's Wednesday a week and a half later and nothing.