Using labels to create print on a plate

Started by inc, December 05, 2011, 07:14:57 AM

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Hi there, I'm trying to do 3D renders of china plates which have printed patterns on them. I'm using Rhino 3D to model the plates and I have tried previously to create the patterns in rhino and flow them along the surface of the plate and then render in keyshot. However, my computer isn't the fastest (4GB memory) and the patterns can be very complex, and trying to import and apply materials/render thousands of surfaces like this takes FOREVER.

I wondered if it would be possible to create and png with transparent background and project it as a label onto the top of the plate and tweak it about until it lined up centrally. Would a label wrap over curves properly?

(sadly I can't post any images to the site as it conflicts with copyright issues so here's something to give you a rough idea of what I'm trying to do, this was done by creating surfaces in Rhino)


It's very simple to apply a png or tiff "decal" to your surfaces.  Be sure the artwork has a transparent alpha layer.  Make sure all surfaces are the same color (mapping), and simply apply it in KS.  Use position to locate it, and scale (and other tweaks) to size it.  You can control the intensity and transparency as well.  Check the KS website or blog for past webinars, which will really help you.  There may also be some utube posts.
Bill G