How to create convincent grass? Using fuzz

Started by froyect, April 07, 2022, 10:32:01 AM

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Hi! Im trying to create an outdoor scenario using some poliigon assets and hdri, and using the fuzz node to create the grass, but still not having great results.
I used a KeyShot cloud material whit some mods.

Does anyone had achieved good looking grass?


In the KeyShot material library there's an example of Lawn Grass created with the Fuzz.


Grass is one of the most frustrating materials in the Keyshot library. The previews in the library demonstrate that perfectly...a brown ring. Why can't previews be relevant in the default libraries. I know you can get the grass to look like your screenshot but it takes inordinate amounts of tweaking.

Short help videos on every default material showing what settings to tweak would be immensely helpful here, but having better default collections would be even better.